Week1: Introduction
Week1: Additional Logistics
Week1: Crowds and Platforms
Week2: Quality Control Pt.1
Week2: Game Theory
Week3: Games With a Purpose
Week3: Quality Control Pt.2
Week4: Workflows
Week6: Crowd Agents
Week7: Hybrid Intelligence
Week8: Worker Feedback


#1: Be a Worker [Due Sept. 25th, 2015] [Due Sept. 27th, 2015]
#2: Data Collection w/ Real-Time Tasks [Due Oct. 23rd, 2015]
Project Pre-Proposal: Submit 3-5 project ideas (as a Group) [Due Nov. 1, 2015]
Project Pre-Proposal Part 2: Submit a broad related work section(1 page description + refs, as a group) [Due Nov. 6, 2015]
Project Proposal (as a group) [Due Nov. 14, 2015]
Project Breakdown (group + individual) [Due Nov. 30, 2015]

Final Project Links

Idea Generation 1 (brainstorming boards)
Idea Generation 2 (post-it note clustering)