Computation rarely exists in isolation. From social media, to collaboration and coordination tools, to crowdsourcing and collective intelligence, technology has risen from use as an individual tool for use in focused domains to play a role in or even mediate a majority of social interactions today. Social Computing is the study of this interplay between social processes, and the computation that supports and augments it. This course covers social media, data mining and analysis, interaction design, crowdsourcing, human computation, and peer production.

Instructor: Walter S. Lasecki


Current assignment(s): Note: These assignments should be submitted via Canvas
Past assignment(s):
  • ALL Team Assignment Phases (2-6): Project Phases (Deadline dates announced soon; all due at 11:59PM that day)
  •     -- Phase 2: DUE Monday, 10/8 (11:59pm)
  • Team Assignment 1: Project Pitches (Presentations: 9/27; Document: 10/1, 11:59pm)
  • Team proposal paragraphs (see slides). Due 9/17, 11:59pm. -- Re-due 9/21, 11:59pm.


(Week 10, 11/08/18): Games
(Week 9, 11/01/18): Crowd Intro - Part 2
(Week 8, 10/25/18): Crowd Intro - Part 1
(Week 7, 10/18/18): NO CLASS - Extended Fall Break
(Week 6, 10/11/18): Collaborative Systems Creation
(Week 5, 10/04/18): Social Networks
(Week 4, 09/27/18): N/A (Project Pitch Presentations)
(Week 3, 09/20/18): Computer Supported Cooperative Work
(Week 2, 09/13/18): Prototyping and Evaluation Methods
(Week 1, 09/06/18): Course Introduction and SoCS Platforms


(09/06/18) Intellectual Challenge of CSCW: The Socio-Technical Gap. by Ackerman
(09/20/18) Beyond Being There. by Hollan and Stornetta
(10/25/18) Soylent: a word processor with a crowd inside. by Bernstein et al.
(10/25/18) Real-time Crowd Control of Existing Interfaces by Lasecki et al.
(11/08/18) Bolt: Instantaneous Crowdsourcing via Just-in-Time Training. by Lundgard et al.

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