About Me

My name is Andrew Bunt and I am a compute science student at the University of Michigan. I've done work in the fields of data visualization, HCI research, and web development. I am excited to continue learning about computer science as a whole. Explore this page to find out more about what I've worked on!

Crowds and Machines (CroMa) Lab

At Croma I've worked on the Glance and CALE platforms. Glance is a platform utilizing crowdworkers for efficient video annotation. The Croma Atari Learning Environment is a project focused on using crowdworkers to effectively train a reinforcement learning agent.

Statistical Online Computation Resource

The SOCR platform is a web browser based platform to allow users to get numerous different ways to visualize and run statistical tests on custom datasets. I worked to add additional features and functionalities to improve the existing SOCR platform.