Fan Yang
Senior Student at University of Michigan, Computer Science

About Me

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As a computer science student, my passion is with Web/App development, Machine Learing and Data Science.


Websites, mobile apps create revolutional way for human to interact with machine, with the help of internet, it brings the world together.


Meachine Learning helps machine understand the rules between evidence and results, release the computational power "think & learn" more like a human being.


Data Science help us find facts, truth, treasures lies underneath massive amount of Data being created each and every second.


Seeking higher education now in the field of Data Science or Maching Learning, I feel excited about learning more advanced method to observe our world in a "data-driven" way.

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Research Assistent @ UM IOE Department

Data-Driven Cancer Active surveillance strategy study(2016.5-Present)

• Built a prostate cancer development model based on Hidden Markov process to help discover a potentially better follow-up strategy for active surveillance biopsy test.
• Implemented a Hidden Markov Model library in Python and trained the model with data from Johns Hopkins hospital using EM algorithm.
• Demonstrated the results to UM Hospital urologists to evaluate the feasibility of future large-scale application.
• Use stochastic programming method to solve optimization problem of biopsy test planning.

Undergraduate Researcher @ CROMA Lab

RoboCrowds v2(2016.9-Present)

• Build a web app using HTML and Javascript that seeks to use human interaction and crowd-sourced data to more quickly detect and annotate objects in a scene

Undergraduate Researcher @ GEMS Lab

CS professionals' Transition Between Industry and Academia Study(2016.9-2016.12)

• Built a data crawler in Python using Selenium to help collect profile data of CS PhDs from professional social network.
• Implemented data visualization web interface using d3.js